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After School Program

After School Taekwondo with Masters Mary Ann and Master Fernando Agbon from Agbon Martial Arts both (6th Dan Black belts) for an After School program in the School setting.

  Taekwondo, a Korean Martial Arts that was developed more than 2000 years ago and a part of Summer Olympics.

This class is designed to captivate the interest of young kids as young as 1st Graders Skills are developed through gentle instruction and appropriate games for their ability. Teaching kicking, punching, blocks and self defense. Using activities to captivate the interest of the young ones from stretching to engaging games that incorporate physical fitness, self defense, balance, memory, coordination, teamwork, character development, control, respect and discipline of martial arts training that can even be used in everyday life.

​The last day of the season sessions all kid/s get a chance to break a real board (included in the fee).

School year 2022 - 2023 Greeley Elementary and Hubbard Woods School

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